When the Rain Comes

It is a rainy season here in the Toledo, Ohio and surrounding areas. The rain just keeps coming. Some lawns have flooded, others are soft and squishy. These circumstances make mowing impossible until drying has occurred to some extent.

While we can become frustrated and stressed over not being able to care for our clients lawns on their scheduled days, such worry does no good. Until someone invents a hover boat which is capable of mowing flooded lawns, all we can do is wait out the storms. (If you create said invention remember who you got the idea from.)

Waiting out the storm is something we need to do in many areas of life. Worry does not change anything. In fact, allowing stress to build only makes matters worse. Instead, it is wise to find something else to work or focus on.

For us, while waiting for the sun to come out, and waiting for the storm to pass, there are other areas of business to which we can attend. Writing blog posts such as this one, reaching out in search of new clients, fixing the website. In the entrepreneurs life there is always work waiting on the back burner.

If you are going through your own storm at this time of life, whether that is health, financial, family, or any number of storms, remember, the rain will eventually stop. The sun will come out and shine. And on the other side of your storm you will find the blossoms blooming.