Spring Vibes

Spring Has Arrived!

I think it has anyway. After all it would not be much of a surprise waking to a dusting of snow tomorrow. For those of you outside of Toledo, Ohio and surrounding areas, you may be wondering what the fuss is. After all, the first day of spring was ages ago.

That day means nothing in this area.

At this point I am thinking (and really, really hoping) the snow is finally behind us. Put a HOORAY! in the comments if you think you are as excited as I am about these warmer days.

This past week has brought a mixture of warmer rainy and sunny days. True spring weather is the perfect recipe for encouraging plants, grass, and of course those pesky weeds to grow, thrive, and flourish.


I will have to say, the brilliant yellow of dandelions is a welcome sight after the long winter. However, since we are in the business of lawn care, I will enjoy the bright color but then it is time to remove that weed.

I hope all of you get your family outside and enjoy a good healthy dose of this spring air. Take a minute to pause and hear the birds sing. Close your eyes and feel the warmth of the sun on your face. And let the cool breeze whistle past you.


Spring is here people. Spring is here!!!!!