Rainy Days – Perfect for Accomplishing Tasks

It seems we have a stretch of rain this week. As that means no snow, this is fine by me, in  fact, it is great. I love a good hard rain storm. One where the wind howls, branches scratch at windows, and large puddles form. Rainy days create an atmosphere perfect for diving into a good book, drinking a mug of matcha tea, and eating a steaming bowl of soup. Writing about food makes me realize I have been so busy delving into work tasks this morning, I have forgotten all about eating. Well, that will change with the publishing of this article. Then, my time will find me making a big pot of soup. There is work to do, but, food must also be eaten.

What are your favorite foods and activities for rainy days?

Getting Tasks Done

This rainy days makes me realize spring will be here soon. The sun will shine, grass will grow, and Lawn Lion will be back to taming the lawns of Toledo, Ohio and surrounding areas.

In the mean time, there are indoor tasks that need attention. I think we all have them. Parts of the house that need fixing, organizing, or renovating. It seems these tasks never end, only accumulate.

Rainy days are perfect for tackling indoor jobs from fixing a bathroom, to cleaning out the garage. Use this rainy day to accomplish a task you have been putting off. There is nothing quite like the relief that comes from accomplishing a long overdue task.

So, use this rainy Tuesday to accomplish that dreaded task you have been putting off. Make today one of accomplishment, then, when it comes to relaxing and doing something pleasurable, you will be able to enjoy it all the more.