A Time to Plant

It is true, snow has continued to fall (and melt) this week; and yet, a time to plant has arrived or is arriving soon! It is also true I have a longing to begin gardening. Digging into the warm dirt, watching green shoots pop up, these are memories I am ready to recreate. The thought of eating a ripe tomato warmed from the summer sun causes my mouth to water. Its juicy deliciousness I can almost taste.

Alas, my thoughts return to reality. I sit penning these words with my feet dressed in warm fuzzy socks. I have enjoyed (really enjoyed) winter this year. Now though, I am ready to feel warm. Ready to leave coats behind.

Cold, Cold Go Away

Enough of the cold. Enough of the snow. Time for sunshine and heat.

I want to enjoy the rich deep scent of dirt. Digging one hole after another filling them with tomato plants.

Planting Season is Upon Us!

While it may seem a time to plant is a long way off, it is in fact, just around the corner. According to our areas historical data The Old Farmer’s Almanac says Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, lettuce, and onions can be planted mid March. To me, this translates as planting season essentially begins now. Suddenly spring, sunshine, and warm days spent outside seems much closer.

Check out The Farmer’s Almanac to see the entire planting calendar for our area.